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UV Disinfection

The Silver Series offers a family of UV disinfection systems that can be used in several types of applications where pricing sensitivity is a deciding factor but reliable equipment is a must. The Silver controller displays the remaining lamp life via LED, has a universal power input from 100-240v/50-60Hz and holds full electrical certification, including both CSA and CE certificates. 

The IronBreaker III

This system eliminates Iron and the effects of Hydrogen Sulfide, the "rotten egg" smell in water. 

  • Prevents iron stains
  • Cleans water and removes odor
  • Safeguards your water softener from "iron fouling"
  • Protects plumbing fixtures, appliances, and clothing
  • Protects against black oxidation 
  • Prevents need for chemical feed treatment systems


Whole-House Water Softener and Carbon Filtration (pictured also is optional sink)

Pictured above is our most popular system, the CLACK Whole House Water Softener and Carbon Filtration. With the CLACK High-Flow and metered valve, you benefit from a system that does not waste water or reduce water pressure, two very important factors in water purification. 

The Whole-House Water Softener tank on the far left removes hardness from your water.  It also holds the valve head, which acts as the brains of the system. With a battery backup located inside, the valve will remain operational and all programming saved even if your power goes out in a storm.  The battery backup is good for up to 2 weeks.  The CLACK valve is extremely user friendly, and displays a multitude of information, including current flow rate, capacity of remaining water, number of regenerations, and total amount of water processed, and various other technical records.

The Carbon Filtration tank (to the left of the sink) removes chlorine, tastes and odors from your water.  Unlike other companies, we use an advanced and more expensive type of carbon. The benefits to this carbon are simple: it lasts longer and removes more types of disinfectants than the standard carbon.

The Utility Sink is optional and at an additional cost.  Customers find them extremely handy when it comes to the dirtier tasks of life.

The Brine Tank on the far right is where you store the salt.  The only purpose of the salt is to wash the resin inside the Water Softener during the regeneration process.


The VERTEX IsoTwist 5-stage is the latest and greatest in R.O technology. Installed under your kitchen sink, it provides the most pure water available to a faucet that mounts on your kitchen sink. It is for cooking and drinking only.  Here's how it works:

Stage One Filter is a sediment filter that removes particles 5-microns in size or larger including rust, sand, and other debris in the water line.

Stage Two and Three Filters are granular activated carbon (GAC) filters that remove odors, chlorine, and foreign tastes.

Stage Four Filter is an advanced Reverse Osmosis membrane for removal of dissolved solids.  This is the heart of the system.  R.O technology removes 95% of the dissolved solids on average. 

Stage Five Filter is a Carbon polishing filter that removes any foreign tastes or odors that may occur from storing the water.  The storage tank is pre-pressurized with a bladder that pushes water through Stage Five to the faucet.