Don't confuse us with similarly named companies around the country.  We are Austin Texas based.

Don't confuse us with similarly named companies around the country.  We are Austin Texas based.

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MEMBER: Texas Water Quality Association

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We are pleased to offer a wide variety of name-brand products:

The CLACK Whole House Water Softener

The keystone to any water purification system. With the Whole House Water Softener, your water will be free of hardness (Calcium & Magnesium). It will prevent the rocky, white buildup in your pipes and on your applicances. You will now have soft water!

The CLACK Whole House Catalytic Carbon Filtration 

If you are on a municipal water supply, you have a disinfectant in your water that has a strong taste and odor. It's important for the water treatment plants to add this in, but it's benefical for you to remove it once the water arrives at your home. Some residents notice the disinfectant added can also dry out their skin when showering. In addition to removing any taste and odor in your water, the Carbon Filteration also extends the life of your Water Softener. 

Vertex Reverse Osmosis (4 and 5 stage)

For cooking and drinking only, the Reverse Osmosis unit goes underneath your kitchen sink and provides the highest quality water possible for your family. Since RO water is so pure, it comes with a special facuet that mounts next to your main kitchen facuet at the sink. We also offer a variety of speciality filters which can add minerials back into the water for additional health benefits. 

VIQUA Ultraviolet (UV) Filtration 

The ultimate safe guard. Ultraviolet (UV) filtration is one of the most effective ways to remove harmful bacteria in water. It's best known for acting as the last, and possibly strongest safety barrier between pathogens in the water and your family's consumption. It's so powerful that dangerous particulars can be present in your water and this product will render them harmless. With more "water boil" notices being issued recently, UV filtration is gaining popularity and for good reason. 

The CLACK Iron Breaker III

With its very own backwashing CLACK valve, the Iron Breaker III is an invaluable piece of equipment for families on well-water supplies that experience the foul, "rotten egg" smell. Besides being very offensive, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) can be posionous and corrosive. This system can remove the smell instantly and maintain odorless water. 

Sediment Filter (various sizes)

Sediment in the water is a very common issue for many residents in and around the Austin area. Our Sediment Filters remove the suspended solid particulars from your water. Sizes range from smaller ones where you replace the filters semi-annually to larger Sediment Filters that come with their own backwashing valves. With those valves, filter changing is NOT required. Prices range based on size. 

Shown is the type without the valve.