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HIGH-FLOW Capacity, Metered Water Softeners

From $1299.00 Plus Installation

Includes 5 year TOTAL warranty at NO COST!


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The Complete CLACK Whole-House Water Softener and Carbon Filtration System

Undoubtably our most popular system for families that want the puriest water possible, free of hardness, chlorine, and any unpleassant tastes and odors.  

The tank on the left is the Whole-House Water Softener, which removes hardness (magnesium and Calcium) from the water.  On top of this tank sits the Premium CLACK HIGH-FLOW Metered Water Softening Valve.  This valve acts as the brains of the operation, displaying your flow-rate, the amount of water you have used, and various other technical records to ensure you're able to know everything that is going on in your home.  

The tank in the middle is the Whole-House Carbon Filtration.  It's job is to remove all Chorline, and any unplessant tastes or odors present in your water. Unlike many other water softening companies, we ONLY use the highest quality Carbon in our tanks, so no matter what type of disinfective your local water treatment center uses, this carbon will remove it all.  

The short, wide tank on the far right is the Brine Tank.  This holds your water softening salt, which can be purchased at any home improvement store, or most grocery stores.  






4 Stage for municipal water supplies  $450.

5 Stage for wells  $499.

Although the water coming from the Water Softener and Carbon Filtration will be completely free of hardness and chlorine, most people want the puriest water for their family.  For these customers, our Reverse Osmosis system exceeds their wants and needs.  With a seperate faucet on the counter top, this pure water is for cooking and drinking only.  In some  cases, we can even run an optional ice-maker line of Reverse Osmosis water to your refrigerator at a small cost.  

*If a Reverse Osmosis faucet hole is not present in counter top, we are able to drill the faucet hole in granite, marble, quartz or porcelain for an additional $100. This expense is because we must use premium diamond bits to drill through these hard surfaces.